Please refer to us as simply “Logica” in normal use.

Logica’s full, formal name for legal purposes is “Logica, Inc.” (note the comma and period) and is a registered US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in Delaware. The variant “Logica Health” should only be used in contexts where the word “Logica” is already used or ambiguous. Prior to merging with the CIIC community, Logica was known as the “Healthcare Services Platform Consortium”, “HSPC”, and “HSPC/CIIC”. Documents from 2019 and prior may carry those monikers, though all refer to the same organization at different stages of growth.


For press and general marketing purposes we have prepared a Branding Guide, which includes examples of appropriate logo use, font selection/typeface, and color palettes in Pantone, RGB, CMYK, and hexidecimal form.

Media Assets

Web “Favicon”

The attached .zip includes many common variants for favicon and device-specific icon uses. If you need to render additional variants, please do so from the high-resolution square “three circles” logo files, further down this page.

Office Document Templates

  • PowerPoint master slides (currently being updated)


The below files should suffice for most uses. For:

  • Large formats: please uses variants with the “information at the speed of life” tagline, provided it is legible.
  • Small formats: please use the “Logica”-only rectangular variants or “three circles”-only square variants. The tagline is usually illegible when used for small banner images and icons.

In all cases, note the included transparent alpha channel in most images. Also listed are color-inverterd (all white) versions that may appear invisible within your browser, below, until selected.

This is not blank. It is a white version of the logo with a transparent alpha channel.
This is not blank. It is a white version of the logo & tagline with a transparent alpha channel.