Logica Health Supports General Availability of HL7 FHIR Foundry

Logica Health, a pioneer in FHIR interoperability tooling, is excited to support the general availability of HL7 Foundry, a cutting-edge FHIR solution delivery platform poised to revolutionize healthcare through standards and interoperability. Foundry officially launched at the May, 2024 HL7 Connectathon in Dallas, Texas. Developed in collaboration with Skycapp — founded by Logica CTO Preston Lee — HL7 Foundry represents a significant leap forward in simplifying data exchange, enhancing collaboration, and ultimately improving patient care. Availability plans were announced in March, 2024, by HL7 leadership at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida.

HL7 Foundry, now available at https://foundry.hl7.org, is a next-generation infrastructure intended to replace Logica’s FHIR Sandbox systems. Unlike the Logica Sandbox’s centralized, hosted approach to FHIR development, HL7 Foundry is focused on locally-integrated development experiences with the objective of distributing turnkey FHIR solutions, ultimately lowering barriers of FHIR adoption to the absolute minimum. Foundry further serves as a centerpiece for innovation, empowering developers and innovators to accelerate the adoption and implementation of FHIR standards through automated distribution and application deployments in a vendor-neutral ecosystem.

HL7 Foundry, powered by Logica Health’s expertise, represents a significant milestone in our mission to transform healthcare delivery. By providing a robust distribution and deployment infrastructure surrounded by the vibrant global HL7 community, we are furthering Logica’s mission by minimizing the burdens of FHIR adoption and giving organizations a massive jump start on FHIR-enabled data exchanges. This will improve the value proposition of FHIR, drive more robust FHIR implementations, and promote higher quality data for patient-centered decision making.

As part of Logica Health’s commitment to advancing healthcare interoperability, Logica Health has committed to supporting the rollout and adoption of HL7 Foundry through Fall 2024, ensuring that organizations worldwide can harness the full potential of FHIR standards.

For the official HL7 press release, visit: https://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/pressreleases/HL7_PRESS_20240521.pdf