Meet Logica

Logica — formerly Health Services Platform Consortium — was founded on May 21, 2013 by Intermountain Healthcare, Louisiana State University and the Veteran’s Administration to refocus how healthcare applications are developed. 270+ contributors have joined our cause, including leading healthcare and government organizations, healthcare tech vendors and a venture-led group of investors supporting HSPC-centric portfolio companies.

As a provider-led consortium, Logica applies the same teamwork approach to delivering quality patient care to solving the interoperability challenge. Our Consortium includes hundreds of active organizations focused on developing a healthcare services platform community that will enable an economy for interoperable applications in a SOA and knowledge-enabled model. Through Logica’s interoperable marketplace and services platform, we seek to foster a new level of provider-vendor collaboration and innovation to meet one of the industries’ greatest needs: accelerating the creation, sharing and delivery of promising software applications at the point of care. Join us today!

Leverage Existing Standards & Assets

  • Support the continuum of interoperability requirements
  • Whenever possible, validate standards capabilities through real-world use
  • Push the boundary beyond current common wisdom of C-CDA / CCD and traditional data exchange models
  • Feed the standards bodies with assets that support a common reference model for healthcare interoperability
  • Support extensions and bridges that take into account the versioning lifecycles of vendors and current state deployments of healthcare technology and applications
  • Focus efforts on healthcare transformation (Clinical and Administrative), driven by workflow and continuous lifecycle quality improvement